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The fascinating journey of exploring your family's roots

Heritage Discovery through Family Tree Tracing:

Delve into your ancestral roots and uncover the captivating stories of your family's past. Our heritage discovery service takes you on a journey to trace your family tree, connecting you with your heritage and origins. Uncover the unique narratives and history of your ancestors, gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and where you come from.


Photo Restoration for Heritage Preservation:

Preserve the visual memories of your family's history with our photo restoration service. We breathe new life into old, faded photographs, ensuring that these cherished images are passed down through generations. By preserving your family's visual heritage, you can relive moments from the past, strengthening your connection to your roots.

Heritage Preservation through Old Document Restoration:

Our heritage discovery services extend to preserving historical documents that hold the keys to your family's heritage. We meticulously restore and safeguard old documents, such as letters, diaries, and certificates, ensuring they remain as a testament to your family's legacy. By preserving these artifacts, you create a lasting bridge to the past, enriching your heritage journey.


By understanding our family history, we can better understand ourselves and the world around us.

Preserving family history is a way of honouring our ancestors and keeping their memory alive. If you're interested in tracing your family's genealogy, get started with The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Family History.

“I am from an immigrant family whose name was changed after arriving in Canada.  Carol’s research involved historical border changes in Western Europe but found out where my father was born and the reason his name had been changed.  This was not an easy task given some policies of the church and province he resided in and clues from researching my mother lead to this discovery.  Great detective work Carol.”

Linda Macdonald Bussey