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Your Family Tree Lives

New branches of your family tree will be uncovered during your genealogical journey.

Preserving Your Family History

At Creative Roots, we believe that family history should be preserved and shared in a creative way. That's why we offer family history books, online databases, and local archives to help you uncover your family's past. Our resources are designed to make the genealogy process easy and fun, so you can connect with your ancestors in a meaningful way.

See things in action

When tracing your family's genealogy, it can be helpful to see things in action. This means looking for primary sources such as birth certificates and family records. It also means visiting local archives and talking to family members. By seeing things in action, you can get a better understanding of your family's history and how it has shaped who you are today.  Notice your family tree sprouting new branches as the information becomes available.

A suite of tools at your disposal

Creative Roots has access to a number of different tools and resources that you can use when tracing your family's genealogy. Every effort is taken to gather as much information as possible and to verify the accuracy of that information


Tracing Your Family History

Documenting your information is a key function in tracing your family's history.  Creative Roots uses a desktop application to store your information, cite sources, and prepare reports.  This database system also prepares a file for uploading to the major genealogical sites like Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritiage for example.  

Restoring Family Photos to Their Former Glory

Restoring family photos is a process that can involve many different methods depending on the condition of the photo. 

Dust, scratches, and creases are some of the most common problems that need to be fixed. Faded and damaged photos can also be edited to look new again.

Let us preserve your photos so they can be cherished for many years to come.  As we know, a story comes with every photo.

Martin_Bridget Marriage

Preserving Family Documents and Audio Recordings

Over time our collection of family papers becomes torn, wrinkled or even suffers some water or mildew damage.  These can be restored to their near-original form.  This allows for further transcription in order to extract the details held within them.

Audio recordings of tapes from interviews, special recordings can also be turned to text to keep forever - we have seen how quickly technology changes.

"Carol was very thorough in her investigation into my family's history.  It was quite interesting to see what she discovered and how far back she was able to go.  I was extremely impressed by her work and enthusiasm, and would recommend her to anyone looking to find out more about their family."

Shelley Mohl

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